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Sunridge Homes Testimonials


Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your help getting us to our new home.  And thank you for being an extremely thoughtful wonderful person!

When the trucks showed up last night our daughter went into so many emotions that she ended up overwhelmed and crying because she just couldn’t believe it was all happening and all hers.  And all she could tell us is that she didn’t know why she was crying and was very happy!  She was worried when everybody was heading to catch some sleep that the guys were going to take the house away again, we had to reassure her that they were just going to go to sleep in their trucks.  Brian and Ben and Ron and the awesome truckers were fantastic!  And today our daughter should have almost drove Brian crazy asking to see the inside 1 million times but he was wonderfully patient with her and kept her giggling, not an easy task with a four-year old!  The guys were extra careful to protect my mom’s two 80+ year old apple trees that are right in line with where the trucks needed to be.  It may seem silly but they have a long sentimental family history with us and meant so much to see the guys taking so much extra care!  I can see many years of memories there already!  Thank you, thank you, from the bottom or our hearts we are so excited for this next chapter!

Shayla, Lance and family


I am so glad I was referred to Sunridge when looking to purchase a home for land my husband and I recently purchased.

 My salesperson was knowledgeable beyond my expectations, which are high. There was not one question I had she was not able to answer and was often proactive when providing information useful to my decision making. I am a demanding customer and I commend her professionalism.

I am in love with my house. I could not be happier despite having never imagined living in a manufactured home. We are very cozy! My husband and I appreciate all the hard work the Sunridge team did preparing us for the move and for the move itself which occurred on a super chilly day, but the Sunridge and transport reps were absolutely on point. This was not the average move from my perspective, but they made it seem like a snap.


The thing I was most impressed with: From start to finish, everything they said would happen, did happen, no surprises. That is hard to accomplish in such a large undertaking. Super happy with everything about my experience with Sunridge.  I absolutely recommend their service, particularly that of my salesperson Janice and though I have only lived in the home for a few months,  I am happy with the quality I received for a very reasonable price.


Alison B.


Monterey estates is a great place to live because of the neighborhood. It is safe to walk in, it’s a perfect size yard to keep yourselves active. As in the above picture, there are wonderful neighbors that make sure special birthdays don’t go unnoticed and even decorate your lawn for you, then enjoy many social get togethers.


These wonderful neighbors also look out for each other to make sure we all are doing well. The homes are one level for easy accessibility and easy to keep.


There is assistance available when you’re not able to do your yard work yourself but can still appreciate the green space. The north hill is very accessible to the highway or downtown.


Yes, Monterey estates is a great place to live and am happy to reside here.


Cheryl and Gordon Cormack

Monterey Estates Brandon



My name is Ashley Buyer, my husband Tyson and I purchased a Sunridge home this past winter and it was delivered in May. We had an excellent experience with Sunridge. It stared with Marie who worked with us to create the custom home we were looking for. She helped us modify floor plans and and came up with creative ideas to make the most of our space. We live 2 hours from Brandon and we were so impressed with the level of communication and the ability to do so much over email and phone!

When it came time for delivery of our home the crew really went above and beyond for us. We established our yard from a bare quarter of land earlier this spring and when the house came there was just a shop and a clay pad. Unfortunately Mother Nature dumped 2 inches of rain on us, 2 days before the house was scheduled to come. It was a muddy mess. We were worried about the house being delayed or worse it getting stuck in the yard. The delivery day was wet and cold! The house ended up getting high centered in our driveway and our tractor needed to help tow the house into place. After a very long day with a lot of extra help from the delivery crew we were in the house!

Sunridge has treated us with the highest level of customer service and we are thrilled with our home.


Below is a picture of our new baby daughter loving her jolly jumper in our Sunridge home.


Ashley Buyer


We love our get togethers before hockey games with family and friends. The wide open space allows for grama to host pre game “tea parties”.

Issabelle Popple


We love that our Sunridge Home is so comfy that we love just relaxing and watching TV!


Daryl and Lois


I love my Sunridge home…it is well built, spacious and still has the “new” smell. I have had so much fun landscaping, building a deck, and entertaining my family and friends. In this picture my Mom, sister and my 2 great nephews are enjoying a game on a break from deck building. The service provided by Janice, Marie, and Brian is top notch. To be able to afford a brand new home was beyond my wildest dreams, but Sunridge made it happen. My mobile was very affordable and the Brentwood location just ices the cake. Thanks Sunridge!

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