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How do you decide what windows are right for you?  Triple M Housing offers both traditional slider and Casement/Awning window options for your new home.  At Sunridge Homes, we prefer our homes be built with Casement and Awning windows….. Here’s why!


There are many advantages to Casement/Awning windows, including energy efficiency, ease of use, improved security & weather protection and better ventilation.


Energy efficiency: when comparing casement and awning windows to conventional slider windows, one of the biggest advantages is the energy efficiency!  When you close a casement or awning window, they lock into place, ensuring that they are sealed all the way around the window.  This improves heating and cooling costs, saving you money!  Casement and awning window seals are also less susceptible to wear and tear due to the way that they open and close vs slider windows which the seal is rubbed back and forth every time you open or close the window.  Bethel’s casement and awning windows also have a 3 point weather seal system, which puts a stop to air and water leakage, sliders only have a 2 point seal system.


Ease of use: awning and casement windows operate smoothly and easily with one hand. This is especially important for those with strength and mobility issues in the hand, wrist, and fingers.  They can also be operated easily with one hand, which is convenient for those hard to reach windows like your window placed over your kitchen sink, or simply if you have your hands full!  They also have a multipoint lock, making the opening of large windows much easier than sliders.


Improved security & weather protection: both awning and casement windows lock when closed.  However, awning and casement windows are installed from the inside, it is not possible to remove the glass from the outside, slider windows have an installation gap at the top which allows them to be lifted up and out.  Awning and casement windows have a second lock combined with a mechanism for opening and closing the window which generally make them more secure. The tight seal of awning and casement windows also gives you the peace of mind that even in the heaviest of rain storms, the interior of your home will be protected from the outside elements.


Better ventilation: because awning and casement windows open to the outside, this allows the window to catch the breeze and as a result provides much better ventilation.  Awning windows also open from the bottom, allowing you to open your windows even when it’s raining.


All Triple M Homes come with Bethel windows which are made right here in Canada!  For more information on Bethel Windows, visit www.bethelwindows.ca.


Frequently Asked Questions


Who manufactures your homes?

We feel confident because our homes are manufactured by Triple M Housing in a state of the art indoor factory in Lethbridge, Alberta. Triple M Housing has built over 20,000 homes for homeowners in Western Canada since incorporating in 1981. That’s a lot of homes. www.triplemhousing.com


What is the difference between a “Manufactured” and “Modular” home?

There is not an easy answer to this question. Typically most call a “manufactured” home a home built on a steel frame which is built to be moved and flex and typically most call a “modular” home a home built on a web floor truss that is meant to be moved but not meant to flex. Having said all that a “Manufactured” home can have a Canadian Standards Association label of A277 which is a “Modular” label.

In summary a “Manufactured” home can have a CSA building code label of Z240 or A277 but a “Modular” home can only be built and labeled as a CSA building code A277.


A “Manufactured” home is usually  built with gyproc vinyl wall panels on the interior walls because the home is built to be moved and flex and usually put on a gravel pad foundation, supported with pads & cribs as set out in the CSA building code. 

A “Modular” home is built with regular gyproc walls that are mudded and taped the same as a site built home. It is built to move but not built to flex so must go on a firm foundation such as a basement, crawl space or screw piles.


What is the insulation in our homes?

The insulation is the highest in the industry: Ceiling R60, Walls R22 or can be upgraded to R24 and floor R40.


What is the wall construction of our homes?

2” x 6” exterior wall construction with Triple M’s innovative “ridged wall system” check out the video at  http://www.sunridgehomes.ca/featured-videos/    The interior wall construction is 2” x 4”.


What kind of windows are in our homes?

Our homes come standard with Low E windows, dual pane with the argon gas in-between. Here at Sunridge Homes we always upgraded to casement and awning or further upgraded to R9 triple pane to provide the best energy efficiency which means warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer which translates to less energy costs.


Can we purchase a home that is on your lot?

Yes if you fall in love with a home we have here on our lot you can purchase that exact home. It can be delivered whenever your site is ready.


If we want to customize our new home how long does it take to have it built?

If a custom order is more what you’re after it usually takes 10 – 12 weeks to build a home, sometimes quicker depending on the time of year.


What type of foundation is required for our home?

For a manufactured home, because they’re built to flex, a well packed gravel pad foundation is all that is required.

For a modular home that is not built to flex, it requires a firm foundation like a cement basement or crawl space or another common option is screw piles.


What is the cost to deliver a home?

The cost of delivery is always included in the price of our homes, it would depend on where the home is being delivered to.



What is included in the price of a home?

When the home is a manufactured home and being placed on a gravel pad foundation, included in the price is delivery as well as all the pads, cribs and polly that are required to block and level the home. For your piece of mind the blocking conforms to the regulations as set out by the Canadian Standards Association. We also supply the skirting that goes around the bottom of the home once the home has been hooked up to water, electrical and natural gas if applicable.  

When the home is a modular home and is being placed on a firm foundation we would deliver the home to your site and have the home put on the foundation you have chosen whether it be a basement, crawl space or other option like screw piles.


What is the warranty on a home?

Triple M Housing has you covered with a 1 year warranty on workmanship and material. As well the components of your home have their own warranty. i.e. appliances, windows, doors, taps, shingles etc. etc.

Triple M Housing also provides, at no extra charge, a 20 year structural warranty. This is the only 20 year structural warranty in the industry.


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