Triple M Housing Ltd. is a privately-owned, independent company providing fully integrated housing for individuals and companies. All homes are designed to meet or exceed the National Building Code of Canada (CSA A-277 or CSA Z-240), as well as many other international standards.

Originally named Alma Homes, Triple M Housing Limited began production in November 1981 and has enjoyed an enviable reputation ever since. Their industry-leading innovations have garnered them several awards, including the 1990 Province of Alberta Award of Excellence in Affordable Housing. In 1996, they were the first manufactured home builder in North America to achieve ISO 9001-1994 Quality Assurance Registration, the internationally recognized benchmark for quality management. In 1994, they produced their first modular home. Their latest series of modular homes are especially designed for city lots, and they set new quality standards for system-built homes. Factory-engineered housing is widely accepted as a quality alternative to site-built homes, and they are becoming a future leader in providing housing choices for consumers throughout North America.

Construction and Energy Efficiency Features

  • All Triple M exterior wall sheathing is glued and stapled to the studs and belt rails leaving no exterior sheathing unsupported by framing. The sheathing also laps the floor framing and perimeter of the roof.
  • The standard framing is 2×6 on 24″ centers. Most windows fit between standard framing centers, so there is no need for extra studs, allowing for extra insulation.
  • A special exterior wall stud design allows the installation of windows and doors without needing extra studs or headers.
  • Their unique header detail make it possible to insulate the header, thereby reducing thermal bridging.
  • The exterior wall header detail also allows them to move roof trusses around as necessary without adding additional wall framing.
  • The interior side of the exterior wall is designed in such a way that the gyproc is glued to the belt rails while still providing a continuous vapor barrier.
  • All electrical boxes are wrapped with a vapor barrier, and all wires are fastened and sealed with caulking.  All penetrations in the walls and ceiling through the vapor barrier are sealed with caulking.
  • All of these unique features create a tight structure and a more energy efficient building.
  • The standard insulation in Triple M Homes is R60 in the roof, R22 in the interior walls, and R40 in the floor.
  • The standard window is a double-glazed low emissivity window.  They have a R9 window available in some products as an option that has significantly greater energy performance than their standard window and reduces energy consumption for the entire home.
  • They construct their truss floor homes with a built-up perimeter beam.  This allows the home to be set on a basement without the need for an extra build-up beam in the basement.
  • Each phase of the construction program is supervised and monitored by trained quality control personnel to ensure that each home is built on time, within budget, and to exact specifications.  All Triple M homes meet – and in many cases exceed – the requirements of the Canadian Standards Association and the National Building Code.  They strive to be an industry leader, and they provide a quality Canadian product at a competitive price. 

Modular vs. Site Built

  • Building in a climate controlled environment, using system-build assembly line efficiency eliminates many variables that affect the quality of a site-built home
  • Industry-mandated increased insulation and stringent building practices result in a factory-built home being significantly more energy efficient.  This will save the homeowner energy and money for years to come.  As a rule, factory-built homes are greener homes than those built on site.
  • Building in a factory setting reduces the threat of job-site theft and damage.  These are problems that have plagued home builders in recent years and can lead to budget overruns.
  • Triple M’s craftsmen receive regular training and are permanently employed.  This is an advantage for a factory home builder over a site builder as often site builders have to deal with the shortage of skilled labor, which can result in unskilled workers on the job site.  This compromises quality!
  • To ensure a secure trip to your property, factory-built homes use additional framing lumber for structural strength.  Adhesive, screws and steel strapping are used to fasten components together to ensure structural stability during transport.

Triple M builds a wide variety of modular and manufactured homes.  Their homes are built to conform to, and in many cases exceed, local and national building codes.  Each home is built in their climate-controlled factory then shipped to the customer’s building site, where it is assembled by authorized distributors.

Triple M Building Environment

Triple M is a factory home builder.  Their system-built homes are assembled under controlled conditions, where they can achieve unparalleled standards in materials and construction.  We guarantee a finished product that will compete in quality against any site-built home.  Weather, vandalism, scheduling, and sub trades have no impact on their ability to build your home on time and on budget.

Every home is built indoors, and important details, such as the use of screws and glue on wall-boards, ensure that their homes are more energy efficient than most site-built homes.  They offer customization prior to construction, as well as a huge variety of interior and exterior decor choices.  Their step-by-step inspection system guarantees that they exceed the most demanding of customer expectations.

Material Recycling

An important advantage to building a home or commercial structure in a factory is how it benefits the environment.  By building indoors, they can maximize the use of every material: there is less spoilage, therefor, less material is thrown away.  Their business process allows for efficient collection of waste material for recycling.  Visit a home construction site, and see how much waste is strewn across the area and never collected for recycling.  Their building process is a greener and more energy efficient process.

Industry First 20 year Warranty

The purchase of a new home is one of life’s most exciting events.  When you purchase any Triple M Housing home, you can be assured that their high standards of construction and thorough inspection process will give you and your family a new home that will provide many years of comfortable living.

Their Manufacture’s Limited Warranty Agreement provides you with one of the most comprehensive warranty plans available in the housing industry.  They are so confident in their product that in November of 2011, they increased their warranty by 10 years.  They fully protect your purchase against any defects in materials or workmanship during your first year of ownership.  You will have the added benefit of a full structural warranty for the balance of your first 20 years of ownership.

Each Triple M retailer/contractor has a team of fully qualified service representatives who can correct any deficiency.  Should they need assistance, Triple M will give you the extra protection of having a highly-trained factory service team available.  As a Triple M homeowner you can be assured that this combination for warranty service will result in the work being completed in a timely manner, and all workmanship will meet the highest standards, as established by Triple M Housing Ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Factory-Built housing?

Factory-built housing is simply building a house inside a climate controlled factory.  Most Factory-built housing is done on an assembly line type set up and as the home moves down the assembly line, workers specializing in different areas complete the necessary steps int he building process.  Some of the major advantages to a factory-built home include:

  • Climate controlled environment.  The different components of your home are not exposed to weather while being built.  Often times you can witness a site built home being in the framing stage when a large rain or snow storm will come through the area and soak the bare wood.  When bare wood is exposed to moisture and then covered up i the next phases of site building, it can create warping and mold growth.  Their climate controlled environment keeps your home warm and dry through any weather.  When the home is complete and the exterior is sealed, your home is taken out of the factory.  It is now able to withstand weather.
  • Secure building environment.  Their materials, supplies, and workers are all in a secure environment.  This reduces job site theft and material loss.  Being in a secure environment also allows excess materials to be managed, reused or recycled properly.  This reduces end user costs and helps to establish their Built Green status.
  • Delay Free, price guarantee.  When building a site built home it is an often occurrence to encounter delays and budget overages.  Arranging different tradesmen to come to your site can wreak havoc on a schedule.  Weather and supply availability may also contribute to these factors.  At Triple M they have all the necessary supplies and skilled labor on hand before your home starts being built, this eliminates delays and budget overages.  The price you agree on with your dealer before construction is the same price after construction.
  • Quality control.  As your home moves through their factory, it is inspected multiple times every day through the different building stages.  Their homes do not move onto the next stage of construction unless they pass their inspections. 

What is the difference between a Modular home and a Manufactured home?

A modular home is built on a wood floor truss system and when transported to site is installed on a permanent foundation.  You can find Modular homes in just about any neighborhood in every city throughout the country.  After a Modular home is installed, you often will not recognize that it was built off site.

A Manufactured home is built on a permanent steel chassis and can be installed on temporary blocking or a permanent foundation.  These homes have the ability to be relocated in the future and are typically found in Manufactured home parks, or in rural settings.  All manufactured homes are built at an off-site location.

What does Built Green mean?

Built Green is a resource-efficient method of building a home that leaves less of an impact on the environment through the entire life of the home and its daily functions.  All of Triple M’s homes are certified Built Green.  Every house is designed and built to achieve this level of certification.  As much as one-third of Canada’s total waste is building material related.  At Triple M they strive to reduce their contribution on this number.  Any excess or scrap material is re-purposed and reused, if it is unable to be reused it is recycled. 

How long does it take for my new home to be built?

The exact time will depend on the type of home you have ordered, but generally construction time is 4-6 weeks from the time the first board and nail come together.