Our Home is Home!

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your help getting us to our new home.  And thank you for being an extremely thoughtful wonderful person!

When the trucks showed up last night our daughter went into so many emotions that she ended up overwhelmed and crying because she just couldn’t believe it was all happening and all hers.  And all she could tell us is that she didn’t know why she was crying and was very happy!  She was worried when everybody was heading to catch some sleep that the guys were going to take the house away again, we had to reassure her that they were just going to go to sleep in their trucks.  Brian and Ben and Ron and the awesome truckers were fantastic!  And today our daughter should have almost drove Brian crazy asking to see the inside 1 million times but he was wonderfully patient with her and kept her giggling, not an easy task with a four-year old!  The guys were extra careful to protect my mom’s two 80+ year old apple trees that are right in line with where the trucks needed to be.  It may seem silly but they have a long sentimental family history with us and meant so much to see the guys taking so much extra care!  I can see many years of memories there already!  Thank you, thank you, from the bottom or our hearts we are so excited for this next chapter!

Shayla, Lance and family