Getting Your New Manufactured Home Winter Ready

Winter is upon us, and as Canadians we know we need to take steps to prepare ourselves. If this is your first winter in your new home, let us give you some quick details on how to ensure your investment is maintained!

Stage One :: Heat Tape!

This should be on your water line, and It will keep your water line from freezing over the winter. In your electrical panel, there will be a breaker marked “Heat Tape”. Make sure it is set to “On”!

If this is your first year in your home, that’s all you need to do. Keep in mind that heat tapes only lasts between 7 and 10 years, so you do want to have a certified professional take a look if you have an older home.

Stage Two :: Avoid Sewer Line Freeze Ups!

The biggest cause of a sewer line freeze ups is the toilet tank levels. In the newer homes, the “float” level may need to be adjusted several times before it stops at the proper level. To adjust the float, you need to turn the screw inside the toilet tank, on the main valve, which will lower or raise the ball – and the water level. The goal here is to keep it below the “Overflow” mark.

It’s also important that your taps and toilets are not left trickling. If they are, the pipes will gradually build up with ice and freeze. If there is a tap or toilet that continually runs, you should have that looked after as soon as possible. We do recommend running hot water through all sink and bathtubs periodically. If your lines freeze, it should be thawed by a service company – so these little steps can save you a great deal of hassle.

If you’re taking off to a warmer spot to escape the winter, we typically recommend pouring some RV Anti-freeze into your toilet bowl, as well as the bathtub/showers after you shut off your water.

Stage Three :: Exterior Protection!

Check under your home to ensure the “Belly Bag” has no rips or tears, and ensure the skirting is properly in place so there are no gaps or openings. Ice and snow buildup can be an issue!

For more details, check your Triple M Housing Home Owners Maintenance Calendar for Fall/Winter maintenance recommendations – Or, you can reach out to us at our main office at 1-877-786-7434.