Brentwood Village Mobile Home Park is located in Brandon’s South End, near the Shoppers Mall, the theater and bowling alley, there is lots of shopping very close to home!

Phase 1 consists of 16 lots which are sold out!

Phase 2 consists of an additional 25 lots selling now! There are now only

5 lots left.

More Details:


Sunridge Homes will help take the stress out of buying your new home! We will deliver and set up your new home, take care of all the permits, hook up the water/sewer and hydro, install your skirting, we will even provide you with temporary steps until you can have your steps, decks or patio completed! We will take the hassle out of getting your new home ready, so that all you need to do is enjoy it!


If you’re in a hurry for a new home, we have homes at our dealership ready to go now! Want to custom order? No problem! Our experienced team can help you with ordering the home of your dreams! We can help you order a custom home with everything you’re looking for! Triple M Housing offers quality Canadian Made homes with an industry leading 20 year structural warranty! Our service team will take care of all your needs!

What’s Included

At Sunridge Homes, we make things as easy as possible for you.

We take care of: 

  • The gravel pad foundation
  • Delivery of the home
  • CSA pads, cribs & polly installed
  • Leveling
  • Hook of of electrical
  • Hook up of water and sewer
  • Skirting is supplied and installed
  • Lot is graded and the soil is conditioned, ready for grass seed or sod
  • Temporary steps at front and rear doors
  • 24’x25′ Asphalt driveway
  •  City of Brandon permits and garbage/recycling bins

How to Book a Lot

Booking a lot is EASY! Just call Sunridge Homes (204-725-1111) for an appointment and we’ll help you in selecting the right lot for you. To reserve a lot, we take a $1,000 refundable deposit if you change your mind. When you purchase your home, the $1,000 deposit is applied to your down payment. If you change your mind don’t worry, the lot deposit is 100% refundable.

What is the rent?

The rent in the new development in Brentwood Village is $350 or $375 per month. The Monthly City of Brandon licensing Fees vary depending on the size of your home and if you have a garage. Please call Sunridge Homes for more information on lot rental and licensing fees. (204-725-1111)

How Big are the Lots?

All the lots in the new development are 50′ wide by 133′ long with an additional 10′ boulevard in the front. This means you can fit a very large home and still have room for a double garage! Call Marie for more information or to set up an appointment. (204-725-1111)

Where can I find More Information?

You can call Sunridge Homes (204-725-1111) for an appointment to get all the information and to view display homes, or find out how you can order the custom home you’ve been looking for! Other contacts may include:

  • Brentwood Village – 204-727-4250
  • Marie at Sunridge Homes – 204-725-1111