Beyond my Expectations!

I am so glad I was referred to Sunridge when looking to purchase a home for land my husband and I recently purchased.

 My salesperson was knowledgeable beyond my expectations, which are high. There was not one question I had she was not able to answer and was often proactive when providing information useful to my decision making. I am a demanding customer and I commend her professionalism.

 I am in love with my house. I could not be happier despite having never imagined living in a manufactured home. We are very cozy! My husband and I appreciate all the hard work the Sunridge team did preparing us for the move and for the move itself which occurred on a super chilly day, but the Sunridge and transport reps were absolutely on point. This was not the average move from my perspective, but they made it seem like a snap.

 The thing I was most impressed with: From start to finish, everything they said would happen, did happen, no surprises. That is hard to accomplish in such a large undertaking. Super happy with everything about my experience with Sunridge.  I absolutely recommend their service, particularly that of my salesperson Janice and though I have only lived in the home for a few months,  I am happy with the quality I received for a very reasonable price.

 Alison B.