Why we love our Sunridge Home

Hello, My name is Ashley Buyer, my husband Tyson and I purchased a Sunridge home this past winter and it was delivered in May. We had an excellent experience with Sunridge. It stared with Marie who worked with us to create the custom home we were looking for. She helped us modify floor plans and […]

I Love my Sunridge Home!

I love my Sunridge home…it is well built, spacious and still has the “new” smell. I have had so much fun landscaping, building a deck, and entertaining my family and friends. In this picture my Mom, sister and my 2 great nephews are enjoying a game on a break from deck building. The service provided […]

Monterey Estates is a great place to live!

Monterey estates is a great place to live because of the neighborhood. It is safe to walk in, it’s a perfect size yard to keep yourselves active. As in the above picture, there are wonderful neighbors that make sure special birthdays don’t go unnoticed and even decorate your lawn for you, then enjoy many social […]

The home is so comfy!

We love that our Sunridge Home is so comfy that we love just relaxing and watching TV! Daryl and Lois  

Wide Open Space!

We love our get togethers before hockey games with family and friends. The wide open space allows for grama to host pre game “tea parties”. Issabelle Popple  

Beyond my Expectations!

I am so glad I was referred to Sunridge when looking to purchase a home for land my husband and I recently purchased.  My salesperson was knowledgeable beyond my expectations, which are high. There was not one question I had she was not able to answer and was often proactive when providing information useful to […]

Our Home is Home!

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your help getting us to our new home.  And thank you for being an extremely thoughtful wonderful person! When the trucks showed up last night our daughter went into so many emotions that she ended up overwhelmed and crying because she just couldn’t believe […]

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