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Sunridge Homes Ltd.

We're holding 3 Open Houses today in Monterey Estates from 1 - 3 at 73 Bluebird Cres., 13 Bluebird Cres. and 62 Mockingbird Drive. Visit us in this upscale retirement community.


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Sunridge Homes Ltd.

Comming Soon to Winnipge the new Northgate Community.

For many families, manufactured homes represent a rapidly growing segment of the housing market which is the only affordable way to buy a new home with all the modern conveniences. With the unveiling of a 79 lot expansion at Northgate, Winnipeg’s most popular manufactured home park with many golf course and river lots. Sunridge Homes is very pleased to announce we will be the primary supplier of new homes for this unique project.
With the affordable pricing many will find it appealing whether it is your first home, family home or retirement home.

FOR MORE INFORMATION call Tom Creighton at 204-229-1775 or visit him at the Open House Sundays from 1:00 – 4:00 at 2695 Main Street, Winnipeg.
Visit our site or send us a message and we'll get back to you.


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Can you picture yourself in a brand new 1520 sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom stunner like this? Check out the video.


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Did you know you can get a brand new manufactured home in the new community of Brentwood Village FOR ONLY $175,500.

Which includes:
*gravel pad foundation
*blocked & leveled
*electrical and plumbing hooked up.
*skirting installed
*soil is conditioned ready for seed or sod
*temporary steps in place
*asphalt driveway 24'w x 25'd
*City of Brandon permits and garbage & recycling bins

Check out the 360 of this home.


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On Site vs. Modular

So you have decided on a new home…. now what?  Do you build a home on-site, or purchase a Modular Home?  Modular housing is a great alternative to a site-built home, but they are not for everyone.  Here are a few things to consider when you are deciding what is right for you from the Modular Housing Association Prairie Provinces!

Site-Built Homes

Building Code Adherence & Construction
Homes are built to comply with the Provincial Building Core and are subject to the New Home Warranty as per the provincial legislation. Homes are built using “outside-in” construction, where the initial framing is done first, followed by internal components.

Construction Conditions
Homes Built outdoors in all weather conditions where materials are exposed to weather elements are where the home site is also exposed to potential vandalism and theft.

Coordination of Trades

Generally, one general contractor will have a number of projects on the go at the same time. The coordination of trades is a challenging and time consuming task during site-built construction as they must travel between construction sites to set-up equipment and preform their duties where weather, equipment transport and other factors can lead to expanding timelines. Though the general contractor may utilize particular trade workers from job site to job site, there is no clarity around their training consistency.

Construction Inspection

Inspectors must be called by the general contractor at each stage of construction, however, the contractor must wait to continue construction until the inspector schedules an appointment to inspect and approve what has been created thus-far prior to moving on with their processes.

Modular Built Homes

Building Code Adherence & Construction
Homes are built to comply with the Provincial Building Code where they will be placed and are subject to the New Home Warranty Program as per their provincial legislation and the individual manufactures’ warranty. Homes are built using the “inside-out” construction, where the internal components are built first, followed by connection the outside framework.

Construction Conditions

Homes are built in controlled conditions (indoors) where materials are protected throughout the building process from both weather and potential vandalism.

Coordination of Trades

An internal quality control program & continuous monitoring are used throughout the building process.  All trades are highly skilled and trained on in-house assembly processes, thus allowing for superior building consistency.  All materials and tools are available and at the ready of workers at each work station, allowing for minimized loss of time for walking, set-up and down-time of equipment.

Construction Inspection

Due to the use of assembly processes, precision work and attention to detail are inspected at each stage of construction. 

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